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Personal Training


Now offering at home personal training!  With a variety of trainers you can take you stress of a gym out and focus on yourself. Creating an environment to set and reach target goals is just one of the first steps when allowing a personal trainer to work with you. Create a goal, health, fitness, mind or body and allow us to help you reach it.

Please contact for details, quote and availability.

The Yogis Den offers Hot yoga, Warm and Non-heated yoga, we will also be offering Kickboxing, Boot Camp, Zumba, Breakin Fitness, Kids Yoga, Barre Yoga, Personal Training and more.  This ONE STOP fitness shop caters to every individual at a reasonable price at a convenient location. Namaste, friends. 


 Using infrared heaters in the Hot yoga studio and state of the art Zebra Yoga flooring, it allows us to slightly lower the temperatures as you build heat from within your body using the infrared technology and burn more calories!

      -Hot Yoga classes are held at 98 degrees Ferinheight and 40% humitidy

     - Warm Yoga classes are held at 88 degrees Ferinheight and 40% humitidy



Group classes can be a little daunting at first or maybe you just want to deepen your practice. Personal sessions will allow you to develop a deep understanding towards yoga and your practice as you eliminate unwanted feelings. Being able to look at your body specifically and adjust accordingly catering to your specific needs.

Offering a wide range of styles of yoga you can pick which one suits you and eliminate the stressful travel and time as we come to you.

Private Yoga Session

​Currently offering private, semi private or group yoga classes. These classes can be done anywhere it is convenient for you from outside to your own house.

COST:  $65 per 1 hour session 

             $90 per 1.5 hour session

Semi private yoga session 1-4 people

COST:  $120 per 1 hour session


Group yoga session

COST:  Starting at $140 per hour session and goes up.

Please contact for details and a quote.

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