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Inversion and Flight Workshop 

Registration Opens - First Week of April!!

Arm Balances & Inversion Workshop
This months focus is Transitions, Handstands and advanced inversions

When : April 29th 10:30-11:30

Investment- 20$

Learn the fundamentals of arm-balances and inversions. No experience needed! Come out for an hour of play to expand your practice and fly. Each month we will focus on a different inversion or balance to continuously develop the practice. 

What are arm-balances and inversions?
Poses like Crow, side-crow, head-stand, tri-pod headstand, handstand, scorpion and so many more!

Have you every wanted to fly? Want to learn proper alignment and the fundamentals to be successful to go into inversions and feel safe? Well that's what were going to do!

No experience needed! Just come with an open heart and willing to try new things!


Introduction to Kickboxing and Bootcamp 4wk Series

Registration NOW OPEN!

WHEN : Saturday 10:30-11:30


Investment 72$

Learn the foundation to kickboxing with an added twist of bootcamp to shred major calories while working out and having fun just in time for summer! Burn up to 800 calories in 1 hour! This class is *SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS* & *NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED* 
A high-intensity workout that builds upon cardio, plyomeric, agility and coordination to maximize the burn.Interval style of training that will shed the fat, tone and build muscle and utilizing combat styles move to get the heart racing. Utilizing free weights, step-ups and various equipment to maximize the intensity. 

Kickboxing- Fitness training based on the premise of boxing bringing cardio, coordination and stamina to the class. Learn self-defnce, how to punch, kick and get active! 


​              Saturday April 22nd 2017

Investment: 17$+gst  Members 20$   -  20$+gst Non-Members

  Explore deep relaxation, rejuvenation and awakening of your senses as you experience restorative yoga and meditation. As we stretch and release in yoga postures, we create balance in the nervous system, release tension, reduce stress, and align your chakras while quieting the mind. Throughout the meditation we tap into the different levels of consciousness becoming more aware of sensations arising in the body.

 Over the four weeks we deepen our awareness to internal and external sensations, deepen our awareness of our own bodies, reduce stress and anxiety, learn to relax and let go.

Kids Programs


In kids yoga we sing songs, read stories, play games and explore yoga poses. Students will learn some Sanskrit terms and yoga philosophy. Yoga benefits children in many ways: - builds strength, coordination, flexibility and body awareness - gain awareness of self-health (nutrition, exercise, positive self image) - improves concentration - teaches self-control and self-discipline - teaches children to relax and be calm - teaches empathy and respect for self and world around them - it is FUN!

Class Schedule

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